Our Technology

Our Technology

Japanese technology

The SGB bags consist of 5 layers to produce the hermetic storage solution that can safely protect your grains.
The most important of these layers is a polymer called Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) manufactured using proprietary Japanese technology under the EVAL trademark.The presence of EVOH ensures that the SGB bags act as airtight containers and create a level of isolation necessary to preserve the flavour, freshness and aroma of your grains.

Average CO2 and O2 concentration (%)

When produce is stored in our bags, it is totally isolated from the environment outside the bag. The environment inside the bag has modified atmospheric gases and different humidity conditions than natural atmospheric gases. There is 20.9% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen and 0.03% CO2 and humidity.

Insect respiration

In warm tropical climates, the O2 intake by insects is very intensive, therefore O2 depletion and CO2 elevation is very fast. Conversely in temperate climates, insects metabolism is much slower, hence O2 depletion is much lower and CO2 elevation is slower, hence insects survive longer in temperate climates.

Anaerobic storage solution means “gas-tight or air-tight”

Anaerobic storage principle

  1. If the organism is sealed in gas tight storage, the ecosystem will be modified.
  2. High CO2 level kills living insects and suppresses new development.
  3. Living organisms respiration causing O2 depletion and gives off CO2.
  4. Low O2 level prevents myco – and aflatoxins development and chemical oxidation.
  5. This Anaerobic Condition is kept as long as no gas leak from my opening or permeating through the storage material.
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